Fix : Blackberry device settings not authenticating

This is a very common problem for blackberry users. Many of my clients have faced it and also read about many users hitting a roadblock over the issue, so I thought of investigating the issue.

Blackberry device settings cannot be saved as the device will not authenticate you with the server. The credentials will work on your outlook or any other email client but not on your blackberry device.

Blackberry device settings not authenticating :

The issue crops up when you change the password for your email address. This mainly happens when you have a company email address i.e. something like The issue has not been detected for Gmail, Yahoo, Rediff or other prominent mail providers.

Blackberry device settings not authenticating.
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The Roadblock :

On hitting on this issue, the user starts calling his mail service provider as the blackberry device says that “Could not connect to the server contact your mail service provider”. The mail service provider then will check and ask if you are receiving email on your email client and when you reply him positively, he will point you to your cellular provider.

If you believe that your cellular provider will sort it out for you, then you are completely mistaken. The support team will simply ask you to follow the thumb rule. Switch off the phone, remove battery, restart, but will this help? No.

The same settings will work for you after 3-4 days. The reason? Simply don’t know.

What we have Understood :

Your cellular service provider is intermediary between blackberry service and you. The troubleshooting that he provides is limited as he has limited access to the blackberry services. If you want support from blackberry it comes at a cost.

Self-Help for Blackberry device settings cannot be saved :

After looking out ways to fix up this issue we found this great solution. Blackberry’s Email Account Validation Tool (EAVT), helps you in many ways.

You just need to follow these steps:
  1. Go to
  2. Type your email address, password and captcha for the account to be validated. Click Submit.
  3. You will get various options that you can use for your settings and port numbers.
  4. Click the Validate button for your preferred setting.
  5. Your account will be validated if you enter the correct settings or else validation will fail for incorrect settings.

Though these steps won’t change anything on the blackberry server for you. It will help you in getting your account configured using other ports and settings that will work for you. The settings that validate you with the server can be used so that you get out of the “blackberry device settings cannot be saved” issue.

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