How to Block Websites easily without software

This is a very simple or say preliminary technique that can be used to block websites. This technique requires no technical knowledge as such either. Basic computer knowledge is enough to accomplish the task.

It may be easy to overcome this technique but a few tweaks could make the task difficult. This can be extremely useful for parents who want to block websites easilywithout software usage. It could also be useful for network / system administrators in managing small networks.

Steps to Block Websites easily without software usage :

1) Create a limited user account for users using the pc’s to browse internet.

2) You will need to have an administrator account for you to to edit the settings.

3) Open the hosts file on your pc. The hosts file is stored in the following location: c:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\ .

4) Edit the last lines of the file as shown in the image.

block websites easily without software.
Hosts file.

5) The changes shown above in the red box will redirect the websites to an ip address that does not exist thus not loading the website.

6) Set the file permissions back to read-only.

7) All other users accept administrator will have read and execute rights and so cannot modify the contents of this file.

8) Password protect your administrator account to disallow unauthorized access. Users browsing internet can log in via the limited privileges user account.

The above method will block websites access from your pc.

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