China bans Windows 8 on Government Computers

In a big setback to Microsoft’s business in China, bans have been imposed on Windows 8 usage in Government Departments. It is reported by Xinhua the Chinese Government’s News Channel. The ban is said to be imposed as to ensure security of the Computer systems used by the Government Agencies.

The news channel however could not give a convincing explanation to this theory. However Microsoft, who has been struggling for business in China will however feel the heat. China being the Asia’s biggest market for Microsoft has always been a challenge for the software giant.

China bans Windows 8.China as it is known to dictate terms has always been a big brother. It is well known fact that the Chinese have not liked the discontinuation of Microsoft’s pioneer Operating System Windows XP. The mood has been the same all over as Microsoft discontinued support for Windows Xp back in April.

Chinese Government who proactively keeps its people at first place had earlier told Microsoft to continue with the free Windows Xp support. Microsoft however denied the demand and offered paid support as it has been offering worldwide.

Since the end of support to Windows Xp Microsoft, China has been said to be working with security products companies in China to offer third party security patches. The move was in the view that the computers that were running on Windows Xp would move over to Windows 8. Microsoft’s “Good Gesture” was however overlooked and the Government banned use of Windows 8 on its computers, laptops and handheld devices in its departments.

The Government is said to go on to move its systems to an alternative Linux Based Operating System. The Government does not seems interested in upgrading its computer hardware just to accommodate the Windows 8 OS. It would be interesting to see if Satya Nadella risks loosing the Chinese Market for its decision to discontinue Windows Xp Support.

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