Forget Mi3 as Xiaomi launching Mi4 soon

After the overwhelming success of its Flagship product in India, Xiaomi ‘the Chinese Apple’, is all set to hit the market with its much more flamboyant successor the Mi4. Mi4 is already a success in the Chinese market, marking its success on different milestone ever since it was launched.

Company stopped its Mi3 sales in the Indian Subcontinent when it sold a few short of 2 lac units. The company after successful launch of Mi3, its mid segment phone, impressed its users with its second installation the Redmi 1s.

The Budget phone Redmi 1s was also sold out within few minutes of launch. After testing the Indian market in the two segments Xiaomi has already discontinued the sales of Mi3 and its online sales partner Flipkart has also stopped taking any further registration.

Xiaomi launching Mi4
Xiaomi launching Mi4 Soon….

The move seems to be a planned move as the company wanted to first understand the Indian market. Now they have attained customer trust they will surely plan the Mi4 for India.

Mi4 was an instant hit in the Chinese market. The 4G smartphone which works on TD-LTE. The TD-LTE capable phone works only for the Chinese Network. However a more internationally complaint FD-LTE variant of the Xiaomi Mi4 is planned to be released by the end of 2014.

The LTE type is also a reason for its delay before hitting the Indian stores. The pan India 4G license holder Reliance Jio is yet to start its 4G operation in the country and expected to release its plans and launch its services in the last quarter of this financial year.

Reliance Jio’s 4G launch dates will come as a boon for Xiaomi, who should be then placing its Mi4 in the Indian market in conjunction with the big banner 4 G launch. Xiaomi knows that though they may have more competition with in the Mi3 smartphone segment, there are very few options available in the 4G segment. So they will have to face less competition for their Mi4 in the market.

Xiaomi launching Mi4 for India will happen soon.

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