Google Plus fails as Social Networking Platform

Google Plus, the much anticipated Google Inc social networking platform has took its first step back. Google have brought down mandatory Google plus account to comment on youtube videos. For a Google plus account users need to complete the full profile for the social networking platform to understand the user better and suggest them accordingly.

The mandatory Google plus account seemed to bring down the user engagement as the users left without posting comments because of lack of Google+ account. Google plus is the fourth social networking product of the search giant. Its earlier social networking misses Orkut, Google buzz and Google Friend Connect also could not make a mark.

Google Plus FailsGoogle, better known as a Search giant rules the segment. The reason why ‘Google’ is used as synonym to ‘search’ is ‘simple’. Yes ‘simple’ is the answer to the question. The simple interface of Google made it ‘the one’ search engine that stood different among other big peers. has still maintained the simplicity and thus has the largest share of the pie.

Google Plus fails to make a mark

Talking about its Social networking platforms they failed to deliver to a great extent. Orkut failed after establishing itself as a social networking platform. Orkut in its very first days was much simpler and added features just added to user woos.

Google Plus fails to deliver simplicity unlike Facebook. Facebook has managed to keep its features and the layout simple. The layout of Google+ is ‘complicated’ for use and may appeal to a certain section of audience. Google+ also needs to decouple its Social Networking platform from other services and keep it independent.

Google plus also needs to keep its feature naming simple. Google plus feature ‘circle’ just complicates it much further. Thus too many feature complicated the main theme of the social networking platform. Google+ needs to make a come back in all new avatar with minimum features and maximum usability. Social networking should be at ease and not a task.

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