Home Remedy for Migraine Headaches – Healing the Natural way

Migraine Headaches can be a cause of over stressing yourself, wrong life style, Cold, dehydration or excessive body heat. Migraines can be extremely painful. The pain begins from the morning and rises as its mid afternoon. It starts calming down as the sun goes down. There are a few cases where such migraine continue day long. Migraine headaches can be intense in some cases where you may need medical attention. But many of them can be treated by simple home remedies. Home remedies for migraine are simple. They have no side effects but the results may vary with person.

Home Cure for Migraine :

      • Drinking Water: This one is simple yet effective. Headaches because of dehydration and acidity can be controlled by drinking water. This is the best option when you don’t know the cause of headache.
      • Cow Ghee: Put 3-4 drops of cow ghee inside both the nostrils. This is a traditional method to treat sinus pain in India. Melt the ghee by heating it slightly and put the drops in both nostrils. Repeat it 2-3 times in a day.
      • Carom seed compress: Dry roast some 3 to 4 table spoon carom seeds and keep them on a piece dry cotton cloth. Make a compress of these seeds while hot. Breathe in the vapours through the cloth. Use this hot compress on your forehead too simultaneously. This relieves the pain arising from cold.

      • Eucalyptus Oil: Inhale Vapours of Eucalyptus oil. Apply the oil on the forehead. This can be effective in treating some migraines.
      • Indian Gooseberry: Chewing the Gooseberry along with black salt helps digestion. It lowers acidity and relieves headaches. Juice of Indian Gooseberry also helps in such headaches.

    • Mom’s migraine cure: This cure works like a miracle for chronic migraine. Soak rice in water for 20 minutes. Grind the soaked rice along with 8 to10 peppercorns and 6 to 8 ‘Tulsi’ or Holy Basil leaves. Use a stone grinder if possible. Apply this paste on the forehead. Keep it there for 2 hours or whatever time you are comfortable with it. Overnight application will give better results.
    • An Apple: Eating an apple with a pinch of salt on an empty stomach cures chronic migraines. Have it early in the morning.
    • The Sweet pill: This cure could make people with sweet tooth happy. Eat a piece of ’mithai’ (Indian sweet made from sugar), it really works.

 I am sure the remedies will surely work for you just need to know what helps you out in your pain.

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