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What actually is Stress?

Stress management theory is very simple to get out of stress don’t get into distress and get time from your work schedule to de-stress(remove stress). Wasn’t that easy, ya I know its just confusing but read it loud, laugh at it and 20% stress of yours is out. So what do you think blew off the 20% load from over your head. Was it the spell of the line no, it is because you laughed out your tensions. In the childhood times were you teased by anyone, if not ask someone to tease you today and see what happens. So we were talking about the childhood tease. What used to happen, somebody teased you, you reacted and then that would just become the weapon to wound yourself. Once you were not bothered the weapon vanished and so the does the wound. The next case I told you was ask someone to tease you, what happened did it bother you? No. I mean how could you get bothered from something you had asked by your own. Here it is not just you here it is also the other person who plays the very important role of teasing you. What happens to him when you are not bothered by his remarks. He stops working towards troubling you or searches for somebody who will be really affected by his teasing.

How To relieve Stress?

Hey you must be thinking the article is about stress management and then why are we discussing about the childhood days, the teasing and the teasers. So here is the answer for all your questions. Here the teaser is your Stress and the tease is your Problem. So now you must be knowing what I mean to say. Ya its simple just taking the problem and getting it over your head just thinking what could happen and making your teaser, “The Stress” proud over his capabilities would result in his win. Now lets take the other situation where I had asked you to ask somebody to tease you, why were you not bothered simple you had asked for it and you knew what was coming.

Stress Management – The Way Out:
how to relieve stress management
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Thus the easiest way to avoid stress is understanding the problem and overcoming it, then and there. Don’t let your problems build up over you, try to solve them just when they start growing. Ask to yourself why are you stressed? Is my stress the answer to my problem or because of problem? Your solution lies in your question.

People say, “They are stressed because of work”. But work never brings stress, it is the failure in work that brings stress. But you should understand one thing stress will further hamper your work causing more problems, thus instead getting into ‘The Stress Cycle’ the best way out is avoid it. Avoiding stress gets you a new life all together and things slowly start working in your favor.
Just when you feel your friend stress is approaching you, One may ask why did I call stress your friend. Ya I am sorry I should call him your buddy, yes buddy because he is the one whom you can fight but then come back together give a smile and just say to your body ‘Stress’ Bye and Take care try to bother me some other day and your buddy listens to your request, giving due respect to your sentiments for him. Play with your buddy just make a joke of him and see now you will be in the driving seat instead of your buddy ‘The Stressful, Stress’. Now you start teasing him and see how you feel. Tease him by avoiding him, Say “I will manage, Not a problem for me”. Once you say this line a spell will be cast over you and open your eyes and you see your buddy is far asleep, your stress is all gone. That’s how De-Stressing works.

So remember Just take time-out to DE-STRESS.

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