How to use mobile as modem?

How To install your Mobile Phone as modem on your PC?

First check to see if the driver software for your mobile is installed on your PC. Do not connect your mobile to your PC till you have all your drivers installed. The proprietary software suite available with the mobiles include the drivers and also the connection wizard tools and you just require APN’s to be entered. The user name and password fields are to be left blank (please check this with your operator if connection fails). Enter the dialing no. as per your operator. However for creating a dial up connection follow the given steps.

  • Go to Start-> Settings-> Control Panel-> Phone and modem
  • Select the ‘Modem’ tab on ‘Phone and Modem’ Window.
  • Select the installed modem and click on Properties.
  • Select the ‘Advanced’ tab and type the given text according to your connection type under extra initialization commands as per operator settings.
  • Click OK. Your mobile is successfully installed as modem.

How to create a new dial-up connection to access mobile internet?

  • Go to Control Panel-> Network Connections
  • Click on ‘Set up a new connection or network’
  • Select ‘Connect to Internet’ option and click Next button
  • Now select Set up my connection manually & press next
  • Select connect using dial-up connection and click next
  • Now choose your modem which you have configured press next
  • Enter ISP name as MTNL & click Next

Leave user name and password blank and press next
Enter the phone number as per operator settings and click next
Now check the create a short-cut on desktop and click finish

Connecting PC with mobile via Bluetooth :

  • Switch on the Bluetooth on your PC and Mobile.
  • Go to Bluetooth Wizard on your PC.
  • Pair your PC with mobile via Bluetooth.
  • Once paired you will get a dial up connection window
  • Insert the dial number to be dialed as per operator settings.
  • Leave username and password blank.
  • You are ready to browse internet.


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