Microsoft Windows Xp Support ends in April 2014 : Countdown Begins for its users

The Era :

Windows Xp support which ends in April 2014, was introduced way back in 2001. In the beginning it got into some troubles and issues. But after the introduction of Windows Xp Service Pack 2 there was no looking back. The constant security updates and fixes made it a secured and robust operating system. It stood tall even after the launch of Windows Vista in 2007 and Windows 7 in 2009. For some who bought Windows 7 got their systems downgraded to Xp for all theĀ  reasons they were given by the Windows Xp OS.

Microsoft Windows XP logo and wordmark, support ends in april 2014

End of an Era :

After being in the limelight for past 12 years Windows Xp plans to take a final bow on 8th April 2014. That will be the last date for Windows Xp users to receive the security updates that they have been receiving. Operating Systems running on Windows Xp won’t be receiving the security updates and no support as well. However the updates for malware and virus definitions related to microsoft essentials can be received till July 2014.

How does this affect its users ?

1) No security updates so your system have loop holes and can pose security threats and system risk.

2) After certain period of time applications won’t be made for Windows Xp.

3) Hardware vendors will stop providing drivers compatible with Windows Xp machines.

4) Malware and virus updates for windows essential running on windows xp will stop soon.

5) Software applications will be optimized for other operating systems rather than windows xp.

6) Windows Xp support taken off will mean no telephonic support in case of any related queries.

7) Unsafe working environment and chances of getting exploited by hackers over period of time.

8) Very soon the gesture touch Operating System, Windows 8.1 will make its way in full boom into the business. It promises to change the way applications are designed causing windows xp not getting new applications that will work on it.

9) Microsoft developer tools will soon not be made for Windows Xp.

10) No testing of newly developed application will be done on windows xp. So you may get to run it in compatibility mode but no fully functional application may be.

What option does a user has ?

User who use their machines basically offline, have the option of staying back on windows xp as they are a little less prone to cyber attacks. Keeping their third party antivirus can be a shield against any unwarranted offline intrusions. Windows Xp support ending would make its user system vulnerable to cyber attacks so it would be better to upgrade to windows 7 or windows 8.1. The discontinuing of updates won’t affect immediately and will take some time till then you can have a third party antivirus installed and kept updated to fight against cyber attacks.

Lets see who takes the throne of Windows Xp who has ruled the market for the past 12 years after Windows xp support comes to an end.

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