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Last year Eesha Khare from California had won $50,000 as scholarship from Intel. She had invented the super capacitor which could charge the phone in 20 seconds. When asked about her invention she had replied that charging the phone for long hours frustrated her and gave her this idea.

An Israeli research firm StoreDot, showcased its device at Microsoft’s Think Next Conference. The device charged the dead battery of Samsung S4 in mere 26 seconds during the demo. This innovative nanotechnology could be a steeping stone towards

Dr Dorn Myersdorf, founder of StoreDot says that “the device will be commercially available within three years”.

The prototype is not that compact to be bundled commercially in the device hence the technology will take time to reach the end user. Since the device is developed from biological structures based on natural processes and materials and so are cost-efficient.

StoreDot believes in developing environment friendly device so are looking forward to develop energy and memory storage using nanotechnology.

StoreDot aims at using this technology to improve current mobile devices using components that are superior in performance, cost less, environment friendly, energy-efficient and have longer life.

The biological structures or nano-dots are relatively less expensive as they are made from naturally occurring bio-organic material.The nano-dots are described by StoreDot as “stable, robust spheres” that are 2.1 nanometers in diameter and made up of amino acid chains called peptide.¬†Further developments in this technology could lead us to next generation electronics. The devices developed will be more compact and safe for environment and help in lessening electronic waste.

The company says that it is also using the technology to develop flash memory which writes faster than the conventional memory cards available. The battery manufactured using this technology will cost almost twice the batteries that are used today.

But as it is said when the technology evolves and develops the cost of manufacturing gradually sees a decline. However the technology will bring down the chemical batteries that are currently in use causing harm to environment.

So we could soon you can expect to charge mobile in 30 seconds.

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