Is it right time to buy Smartphone?

The news of Flipkart selling out batches of Chinese Apple, the Xiaomi mi3 within seconds has been making rounds since the sale has begun. Market is flooded with offers after the Xiaomi Mi3 buying frenzy. Many other smartphone manufacturers have cut down on prices to maintain their market position.

The overwhelming success of Xiaomi Mi3 sale have been much more than it seems to the eye. The phone manufacturer have given a message to the market that there are no brand loyalists as there used to be a few years back.

The market is a feature oriented market dominated by the price factor. The markets in the past were brand dominated. Well then there were not many competitors in the market either.

buy smartphone.
Is it right time to buy Smartphone?

Recently the technology advancement is taking place at a faster pace. While you were thinking that the Quadcore Xiaomi Mi3 was the best buy you were wrong.

A series of Octacore phones are lined up to hit the market soon. Micromax has recently launched Canvas Knight Cameo A290 its first Octacore smartphone priced at INR 11490/-. It could push Panasonic to bring down the prices of its Octacore variant P81.

Waiting will be worth to buy smartphone.

The market is getting flooded with offers and the big boys are yet to place their bets. Very soon we could see many good bargains coming our way. The competition ahead will be much more intense. The ultimate winner will be the consumer.

The market has still not bottomed out. The festive season is ahead and market will surely have surprises to offer to boost the sales. Small and big manufacturers should have already planned their strategies to have a bigger share of the pie.

Let the dust settle down after the price war and we will surely get a deal better than today. It would be the best time to buy Smartphone.

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