Tips to look slim or lean

Yes, this article could come as a surprise. It is really not necessary to be slim to look slim. Making small changes in your dressing could make you feel slim through the eyes that stare at you suddenly from nowhere. The colors, the folds, lines, texture, fabric all can contribute to your body type.

Just try the different tips and check it out yourself. You will surely feel the difference.

Tips to look slim or lean :
– Wear blacks and dark olives, navy blues and browns to look slimmer.
– Dress in one-color-palette shades from head to toe to present a lean, slimming line. Avoid light-colored pants and skirts, which draw attention to your midsection
– Wear vertical detailed (stripes, pleats etc) instead of horizontal ones. This gives a illusion of a tall figure. Try v-necks.
– Wear right size clothes. Avoid body hugging or baggy clothes. Avoid clingy clothes.
– Wear flowing fabric from waist. Materials that lightly drape over your frame. Choose hip-length or longer tunic tops to hide your midsection. Jackets and blouses in longer lengths that hit below your true waist hide and camouflage your stomach

– Balance out your legs with flared pants. Skinny jeans and tapering trousers draw attention to your hips, which can make your top look heavy. Instead, look for straight-leg, boot-cut, and other pant styles with a slight flare. These styles creates an overall leaner look.
– Wear knee-length of mid-calf style skirts depending on your height.
– Look for tunics and wrap tops that glide over your stomach without drawing attention to it.
– Tucking in your blouses is the first important thing you should avoid in order to camouflage your belly. Long tops that flow over your jeans or trousers visually lengthen your waist.
– If you have a short frame, try to wear one colored dress. Avoid cutting your figure.
– For a short legged person, try to wear high waist skirts and par it with heels.
– Avoid embellishments, belts etc on your stomach area.
– Banded tops fabulously define your waistline as they usually have a bend at the hemline.
– Go for fitted jackets.
– Guys with thinner frame can wear jackets and light colored shirts. Wear horizontal stripes.
– Wear tapering shoes rather than bulky ones. Stick to blacks or browns.
– Wear heels, not flats, to create length and keep attention away from your stomach.
– Accentuate your positive features. Wear shape-wear to hide and control stomach fat.
– Stand straight with your shoulders back and your head level. Good posture makes you appear confident and slimmer.
– Tie your hair as a high pony tail or a high bun.
– Draw the eye to your face with the right make-up.

The make-up tips could enhance your look and help you accomplish the task if done professionally. If expertly done the results achieved are just great.

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