Understanding Hacker Tools and Requirements

In our previous post of Beginners Guide to hack wifi network we had explained a broad idea how wifi network passwords can be hacked. The basic idea was to understand the concept as a newbie into hacking. To hack into the systems practically you need to first understand the basic hacker tools and requirements.

It is funny when a teenager after watching a sci-fi thriller gets impressed with the hacker as in the movie, “Die Hard”. Immediately starts dreaming of to be one who can control the city’s power grid and so on. The next day he thinks of just sitting and hacking systems around. Remember this is something that can be just in a movie.

Hacking is not about a software that will give you results on clicks. You need to understand and know each and every aspect of hacking. Though we won’t discuss protocols and architecture in detail but we need to understand the basic fundamentals.

System Requirements for Kali Linux Hacker Tools:
hacker tools and requirements.
Kali Linux Distro.

You cannot use your windows machines into hacking. They are just not made for that. You need to have a Linux distribution (best known as Linux distros) installed, which is your primary requirement. So as mentioned earlier we won\’t complicate things but keep it as simple as we can.

The best Linux distro as on today is Kali Linux which can be downloaded from its official website. This Linux distro comprises of hacker tools that are required in the process.

Hardware requirements to install Kali Linux:

  • A minimum of 10 GB (recommended 15 GB) hard diskspace.
  • A minimum of 512MB RAM (more than 1GB recommended).
Why do Hacker Tools not work on Windows?

The software or more specifically driver files that connect your hardware with the Operating System basically does not provide hacking capabilities.

Linux is an Open Source Code based Operating System. So the driver files for eg. can be customized and your hardware abilities could be enhanced. Windows on the other hand does not allow users to play with its source code. So it just makes the hacker handicap as he cannot make use of his abilities on the lame Windows OS.

The aircrack-ng, used in hacking wifi network password can be installed on a windows machine but with limitation.

Kali a forensics Linux distro is a rewrite of Backtrack Linux developed by offensive technologies. You can use it alongside Windows OS as well as on a virtual machine on Windows.

Qualities of a successful hacker:

Learning hacking is not a quickies job. Patience is the real key. You need to understand and be prepared to explore different avenues.

We will guide you and try to keep things as simple as we could but dedicated approach can only create the best out of you. Whatever tutorials we have on hacking should be used and tested on your own networks and systems.

We will learn installation and use of Kali Linux and the hacker tools in further articles to come.

Disclaimer : The information published in this article is for educational purpose only. Any misuse of this information will not be the responsibility of the author or the website.

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