Windows Xp will soon be Hacker’s Heaven

Microsoft will be stopping its support for its Windows Xp operating system from 8th April 2014. This means that Microsoft will stop its updates for Windows Xp operating system. Only corporates who pay hefty fees for support will enjoy receiving security updates.
Microsoft had been providing support to Windows Xp users for last 12 years which itself was a record. Hackers try and find out backdoor to enter the system. The day they discover this is the “Zero Day”. As soon as Microsoft would discover the vulnerability in its OS that hackers have found an exploit they would release security patches. This would plug the hole and the exploit would be terminated. This takes place in few days from the zero day.

After 8th April 2014 the back door to windows xp systems would remain open as Microsoft drops its support. The zero day exploit would earn the hackers a good amount of money as the first takers would get a chance to make use of the exploit before the hole is plugged. Since the end of support windows xp machines would be vulnerable to attacks. Such machines would be left without any defense system. The only option being upgrading to Windows 7 pro or Windows 8.1 pro.

Even 95% ATM machines are under threat who are using windows xp operating system. Many government agencies have already started upgrading their systems. The security holes created by hackers after the D-day won’t be taken care by Microsoft. This would leave entry into the systems open which cannot be combated by antivirus or security products. If suddenly your Windows Xp machine which was working fine for so many years suddenly behaves unstable you know the reason. Microsoft discontinuing security patches will be a dream come true for the hacker’s community who will be waiting for the event eagerly.

Nearly 2,00,000 ATM machines are waiting OS upgrade. Hope banks take quick steps in doing so as things may go out of hand if hackers place the first blow. There is no other option than upgrading the OS. “Our guidance is that you need to get off Xp. It’s really that black and white,” says Tom Murphy, Microsoft’s spokesman handling the end of Windows Xp support. They have discontinued the sales of Windows 7 and Marketing the pioneer windows 8.1 as “fully modern operating system.” Windows 8 has been modified in 8.1 to make it much more user friendly for those who shift from the Xp machines not that similar though. But it would be soon that Windows Xp systems will make way for the more sophisticated, user friendly modern operating systems after all change is the law of life.

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