Iphone errors de-coded

Iphone error codes help in diagnosing the root cause of the problem. Sometimes these error codes could also be misleading so use the solution carefully.

Errors -98xx

Error -9815 and -9800

These errors are often related to the incorrect time being set in the machine. Set exact date, restart computer and try again. Refer Apple’s official KB article.

Errors 10xx

Error 1002

Reinstall iTunes and reboot.

Error 1004

Reinstall iTunes and reboot.

Error 1011

Reinstall iTunes.

Error 1013

Restart computer. You can also try changing USB port.

Error 1014

This occurs when you try to downgrade your phone’s baseband.

Error 1015

The error comes when you are downgrading a phone with higher baseband with a firmware having a lower baseband.

Errors 14xx

Error 1413

Restart computer. You can also try changing USB port.

Error 1415

Restart computer. You can also try changing USB port.

Error 1417

Restart computer. You can also try changing USB port.

Error 1418

Restart computer. You can also try changing USB port.

Error 1428

Restart computer. You can also try changing USB port.

Errors 16xx

Error 1600

You cannot restore Custom firmware in DFU Mode. Put the device in pwn dfu mode.

Error 1601

Refer Apple KB article

Error 1602

Could be a corrupt computer OS.

Error 1603

Damaged bundles from unofficial PwnageTool distributions. Refer Apple KB article

Error 1604

Device was pwned dfu mode so custom firmware can’t be restored.

Error 1611

While iTunes tried to enter the Restore Mode, but the device turned back to the Recovery Mode.

Error 1618

Corrupt iTunes try reinstalling iTunes.

Error 1619

Update iTunes and related components and retry.

Error 1644

IPSW was moved from the location during restore with iTunes. Try it again.

Errors 20xx

Error 2001

The Mac OS X kernel extension “IOUSBFamily” that was bundled with late 2008/early 2009 MacBooks, as well as the 10.5.6 update, has a bug where it fails to properly recognize an iDevice in DFU Mode. It can be resolved by updating to 10.5.7 or later.

Error 2002

iTunes cannot connect because another program is busy using it or it’s disconnected during the Apple Server check. Also check your internet connection.

Error 2003

Problem connecting try changing 30pin connecting cable and check USB port.

Error 2005

Should be a result of hardware failure. Try changing the connecting cable and usb port

Errors 30xx

Error 3002

Update to an older firmware isn’t working use Restore instead. The reason the 30XX error pops up is that you are trying to install a firmware which is no longer signed by Apple. You can use Tiny umbrella in this case which uses your locally stored shsh blobs.

Error 3004

You need to be connected to internet during the firmware restore. iTunes can’t connect to gs.apple.com. Maybe Port 80 or Port 443 is blocked which needs to be opened on your router.

Error 3014

Wrongly edited hosts file. The firmware build could not be verified with the server which can be the Apple Server, Sauriks Server or localhost. iTunes can’t connect to gs.apple.com. Also it could be that Port 80 and Port 443 is blocked which you may need to open on your router.

Errors 31xx

Error 3191

QuickTime corrupted must reinstall before iTunes will work also you need to Turn off Compatibility Mode for QuickTime.

1. Right-click on the QuickTimePlayer application (located in C:Program FilesQuickTime) and choose Properties from the shortcut menu.

2. In the Properties window, click on the Compatibility tab Deselect the checkbox labeled “Run this program in compatibility mode for.”

3. Click Apply.

4. Close the Properties window

Error 3194

While trying to install an old unsigned firmware Apple’s server disallows the installation. The firmware of that version could only be installed if you have your SHSH blobs saved.

Error 3195

“An internal error occurred.” Missing SHSH for the firmware. Maybe the same
as “This device isn’t eligible for the request build.” but with an cache error. You cannot install the firmware if the SHSH blobs are not saved for the firmware you are trying to install.

Please drop a message if you need any help on your error codes.

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