Micro blogging giant Twitter loosing identity

Twitter, the well known micro blogging website has announced that its users will not be restricted to 140 character. Although this move will let its user express more it has not gone well with its investors. Twitter shares plummeted more than 2%.

After twitter’s decision to add a feature giving users to write posts up to 10000 character its identity, of being a micro blogging site is in danger. Technical circles however feel that twitter will not change much in its primary layout. The micro blogging character of twitter will be kept intact however opening the full post into another page.

The Micro Blogging Giant Twitter

By giving 10000 character limit, twitter has made a bold move. So now users can not only tweet but bark. However they have to role out this feature very carefully. A wrong move and they will have to face grave consequences, as happened with Orkut.

Micro Blogging
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Twitter has established themselves well as micro-blogging website but this move could place them into social networking channel. Wherein they will need to fight with peers like Facebook, Google Plus and Weibo.

Introducing a 200 character limit would have been a better option for twitter keeping its micro blogging tag intact and addressing character limitations of users. We just hope whatever twitter does, it does not loose its identity.

Twitter was under pressure of developing their business model and twitter is working hard for the past 6 months to do so. Working hard over the new feature to make its user experience more engaging. So now the feature is cooked and ready to be presented users will soon get to taste it on their plate. We can just wish the happy micro blogging goes on for the users and the feature helps twitter extend their arms to grab a bigger user base. So Happy Tweeting.

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