Free Office 365 for iOS, Android Devices

Microsoft in its recent move to capture user base for its products have announced a free download of Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft, which is planning One Operating System across all devices seems to build its user base by wooing customer to use their products buy offering them free.

The word processing market is flooded with many free and paid apps for android and iOS. Microsoft wants to prove that it is the big brother in this particular segment. It is a well known fact that Microsoft Office has been a trusted name when it comes to working (creating and editing) with documents.

With free Office 365 for the android and iOS devices users using other document editing software will surely see a shift to the Office 365 app.
Free Office 365.
Free Office 365.

The app can be freely downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. It is available for Android 4.0+ while on apple it require iOS 7+ operating system.

The Office 365 app replaces the Office mobile app for iOS in the App Store. With Dropbox integration the app comes handy to work on the go which will increase productivity. Microsoft’s strategic changes are as per market requirement as users are switching over to free apps  available in the same segment. After announcing free Windows 10 upgrade for Windows 8.1 users the free Office 365 does not come as a surprise.

Microsoft’s move seems to create monopoly in the segment ruling out other players. Microsoft wants everyone to make use of Office 365 without buying a subscription.


 Photo Credit: Emerson Alecrim via photopin cc

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