Users moving to Windows 8.1 anticipating free Windows 10 upgrade

Windows 10 was announced just last month surprising everyone. The Windows 10 revelation kept many eyes wide open. The whole announcement was a surprise package in all. Microsoft in this major change of plan announced a free upgrade to Windows 10 for its Windows 8.1 users.

Windows 8 users were offered a free upgrade to Windows 8.1 which however did not address the major user interface issues. The loopholes in Windows 8 were however taken care in the 8.1 upgrade in a big way.

Windows 10 Operating system drops the Metro style user interface for its desktop users and adopts most worked Windows classic style desktop. Microsoft’s move for a free upgrade for its 8.1 users has helped it claim back the trust of its loyal clients that have been lost in the transition.

windows 8.1
Windows 10 Desktop View.


 Windows 8.1 claiming more market share :

Windows 8.1 has seen a jump of 4% in its user base since last month, this coincides with the Windows 10 announcement. Microsoft has offered free upgrade to Windows 10 for its Windows 8.1 subscribers. This could be the reason behind this sudden surge.

As the graph shows the Windows 8.1 user base in September 2014 was 6.67% and in October 2014 it rose to 10.92%.

Windows 10 technical preview ISO is out for users who want to try it. The final product is expected in the second half of 2015. Microsoft has been working on single platform operating system lately and windows 10 comes inline with the companies strategic plans.

We could well see a further surge in the figures as Windows 10 reviews start flowing in. The numbers are expected to soar as slowly users are dumping their all time favorite Windows Xp after the End of Support. Users will also have to move from Windows 7 as the support for the product ends on January 13 2015.

Microsoft should be happy seeing the Windows 8.1 user base figures soar as they move towards the launch of Windows 10.

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