Google’s $399 subscription Google Earth Pro Free

Google has announced that its premium Google Earth Pro service will be totally free. Google initially offered this service in three versions namely Google Earth, Google Earth Pro and Google Earth Enterprise. Google Earth was the basic version and was available free to use. Google Earth Enterprise version was designed for organizations that have large quantities of Geo-spatial data and allows users to synthesize terabytes of imagery, terrain and vector data to make a quick mapping application.

Google Earth Pro is designed for business users and has added tools to suit their requirements. Google Earth users were however deprived of the advanced features of Google Earth Pro. The Google Earth Pro annual subscription cost was $399 limiting its users.

Google Earth Pro freeAs Google Earth Pro is available free to use a lot of users will take the opportunity of having hands on experience of Google’s ultimate mapping tool.

How to Get Google Earth Pro Free Subscription :
  1. The procedure to use the tool remains the same. After downloading Google Earth Pro for free, just install the 17mb executable file as usual. You will be asked to enter a username and license key to use the services.
  2. Go to the Registration link and fill up the form. On successful registration you will receive a license key on your registered email id.
  3. Click open your Google Earth Pro and enter the user name which is your registered email id and the license key you have received in the mail.
  4. You can now enjoy the Google Earth Pro Free Subscription and enjoy its full functionality.
Features of Google Earth Pro at a Glance :

Google Earth Pro provides productive usage across many fields. Its capability of 3D viewing and measurement, area measurement and distance measurement is helpful in creating designs and planning layouts.

Demographic data helps in decision making. Additional tools like lines and polygons help in drawing. Customized data can be shared through the rich tool interface.

So you can experience the Google Earth Pro free without paying $399 as annual subscription charges.

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