Whatsapp calling the new ‘feature’d malware

It is no new that whenever something new is about to be launched in the app market, the market is flooded by its clones and lookalike.The latest in this foray is the whatsapp calling feature which was announced by Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook which now owns  whatsapp.

But even before the final version of the bug free app is out with its calling feature, the market is flooded with workarounds and apk’s that claim to activate this feature.  Whatsapp support team has denied any calling feature added to its app.

WhatsApp does not provide a calling feature. If you see a Call button within WhatsApp, it is the same as using the Call button on your phone. Thus, mobile provider calling rates apply for phone calls made using the Call button within WhatsApp.

-Whatsapp Support Team.

whatsapp malware
whatsapp messenger

It should be understood that whenever a bug free app is ready for its users, it will be launched in the respective stores rather than putting it as side loaders.

One other such instance was when blackberry declared its cross platform messenger app. The was user frenzy for getting hands on experience of the blackberry app. Thus causing the play store to be loaded with third party apps claiming to work as the blackberry messenger.

However nearly a year after the cross platform blackberry messenger app was introduced I doubt if there are any takers for the same. So don’t open your devices to malware for any such features or app just to kill your curiosity. You may further land into killing your device as well.

Malwares are well known in penetrating into the devices. Malware tricks user and downloads itself on the user device exposing it to risk of data theft or any such activity without users knowledge.


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