Microsoft getting aggressive, will that help?

Satya Nadella took over as the CEO of the tech giant in February this year. Microsoft getting aggressive in its business is seen after he took up as captain of the ship. Satya Nadella has been credited for his involvement in the big Microsoft projects. Satya Nadella had led in the development of cloud computing.

After serving the company as President of the Server and Tools division, he was appointed for the top job. He took over as CEO on 4th February 2014. Microsoft getting aggressive in its approach towards spreading its user base. Although many of the decisions were not taken by him, much of the execution is taking place in his regime.

Microsoft first dumped its pioneer product Windows Xp by ending its support after 13 years. This was a product which worked well on low end computers. Windows Xp was totally trustworthy, having a major customer base. There were people buying Windows 7 just to get it downgraded  to Windows Xp. It is understood that good things need to end but only when you have another product handy for your customers. Windows 8 with the metro theme will not be something for a Windows Xp users.

Satya Nadella Microsoft getting aggressive
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

They got a Windows 8.1 update to address the issues of the desktop users. Though they could not really satisfy and convince their Windows Xp users to shift over to their much hyped Windows 8.1 operating system. This can force the Windows loyal client to switch over to Linux distributions. Windows 8 won’t be successful by just adding points. It needs to have two versions designed specifically for desktop users and the other directed towards touch screens (handheld devices).

The introduction of free Windows for handheld device could be a good move. This would help the tech giant garner more users to use its windows handheld devices. Microsoft is looking to increase its share in the handheld device market. The space is currently ruled by Google’s android with 36% and Apple’s iOS with 34% market share. Microsoft currently holds less than 1% of market share of the mobile OS market. A free OS for mobile manufacturer could encourage windows phone production.

Though it is not known whether Microsoft getting aggressive will really help boost the customer base. However Microsoft has beaten market estimates under leadership of Satya Nadella. This will help Microsoft take tougher decisions in coming time.

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