Root Android Device to improve performance

What is Rooting Android Device?

Rooting is as simple as getting the administrator or superuser access to the device. After you root android device you attain its full control. Rooting device could transform your device. As in case of Samsung Galaxy S5 16Gb which came preloaded with bloated software leaving just 8.82Gb usable space. This bloatware cannot be removed and just occupies space. However the user has no rights to kick off this non usable software.

Rooting Android Device helps user attain rights to decide what stays on the device. Jailbreaking apple devices can be said to be similar to root android device. However Jailbreaking is used to unblock apple prohibitions and overcome the locked boot loader. While in case of android only a few devices come with locked boot loader.

Why you should Root Android Device?

By rooting your android device you remove all the barriers in your way to explore the device. Access to apps that require superuser permissions, loading custom ROMs, improving functionality and performance are some of things that could be achieved through rooting.

Root Android Device.
Root Android Device.

Methods to Root Android Device:

The method of rooting android device varies with manufacture and models. Technically speaking the bootrom’s vary in different devices and so does the method.

Tools like Kingo to root android device is available which makes rooting easy. However please check the devices that are supported by this app. To root a android device you will always require the Android SDK.

Before Rooting the Device:

Rooting your android device has its pros and cons. Till now we have discussed the advantages of rooting android device. But before taking the major step to root android device, we need to understand the disadvantages too.

  • Take your device backup before starting to root android device.
  • Firstly when you root your android device you may loose the products warranty. You can always unroot your android device to claim your warranty though.
  • You may land into risking security of your device. Since rooting allows installing sideloading (non-official) apps you may end up installing a malware, so be sure what you are up to before starting.
  • While your root android device if the process fails or you take the wrong method you may land into getting your device bricked.

Update : You can now Root much awaited Samsung Galaxy S5 using Geohot’s Towelroot Android rooting apk.

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