Microsoft Windows 8.1 Support Ends in May 2014

Yes, don’t rub your eyes you read it right. Microsoft Windows 8.1 support ends in May 2014. After killing its support for its flagship operating system Windows Xp Microsoft is all geared up to as its Windows 8.1 support ends in May 2014.

Microsoft wants all its users currently on its Windows 8.1 operating system to upgrade with the recently released Windows 8.1 update. The update faced some glitches initially during its release period but however later it was fixed and users could update to Windows 8.1 update.

The Windows 8.1 update comprises of some cumulative security updates and some features for desktop computers. Windows 8 was primarily aimed at touch screen devices.

What does that end of support mean to its users?

The Microsoft Windows 8.1 support ends in May 2014 which means that if you fail to update with windows 8.1 update released recently you tend to loose further updates for your Operating System.

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Support Ends in May 2014
Windows 8.1 update applied

Basically Microsoft wants to force its users to move over to Windows 8.1 update. We guess there should be some security flaws in Microsoft Windows 8.1 that is pushing Microsoft to take such a stern step.

Heartbleed Virus could also have caused the hurry in implementing such drastic steps in pushing the updates for Windows 8.1 Operating System.

To check if you have already applied the Windows 8.1 Update please look at the following features on Home Screen by pressing Windows key.

Support ends for Windows 8 in January 2018. How is That?

Ironically Microsoft has continued the Windows 8 support till 9th January 2018, as it had declared in the product lifecycle. They could not go back and change this date as they had declared it in the product agreement.

So those on Windows 8 will keep getting updates but for those who are on Windows 8.1 will fail to receive them.

Quick Note For the System Administrators.

Microsoft updates are released on the second Tuesday or the patch Tuesday. It is important to mark this day as important in your calendar of appointments. The reason behind it is the exploit Wednesday, the day after the patches are released.

The exploit Wednesday is the day on which hackers impose their attacks on their prospective targets who have not yet patched their devices. Patches released on patch Tuesday highlight the grey areas that can be exploited by the hackers. Thus the very next Wednesday is the day that hackers are waiting to exploit the flaws.

For the systems that are on Windows 8.1, should be applied the update as the Microsoft Windows 8.1 support ends in May 2014.

System administrators should therefore keep a watch on the patch Tuesday’s and get the loopholes plugged the very day by installing the patches.

Update 1: Microsoft has clarified that users have 24 months to update to windows 8.1 from general availability to remain supported. Service pack support end date is January 2016, while mainstream support end date is January 2018.

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